All-round Marketing & Brand Identity
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MKRWS. faced a challenge: needing a complete package that included everything from creating a sales, business and marketing strategy to shaping their brand identity, digital content for websites and social channels, and even print media such as business cards and flyers. Their target group mainly consists of students, teachers from both primary and secondary education, and other maker enthusiasts.


Developing an attractive identity

The focus was on appealing to a younger audience, so we decided to use multiple colors in the MKRWS brand identity. The logo was designed with a simple and colorful design, with blocks as the basis for both the brand’s online and offline style. This offered a lively appearance that perfectly matched the comparable target group.


Periodic maintenance and optimization

This project is an ongoing process, in which we regularly take care of maintenance, content creation and optimization. It is not just a plant-based effort, but rather a sustainable commitment to MKRWS. support and ensure their brand consistency is maintained, both online and offline.


This case illustrates our holistic approach to supporting MKRWS. – from shaping their brand identity to maintaining and sustaining their marketing efforts. The result is a vibrant and attractive brand that communicates effectively with their diverse target groups.

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